The first of our brothers, band founder, owner of our rehearsal room, critical mind and our Drummer.

But Armin is more than that, he’s a imaginative guitar player and brought some cool riffs into our songs. His drum playing challenges us out to give more attack on guitars, our songwriting calls him to slow down. But that’s the perfect combination to create a new stil of sound.

And in Wolf he found his sparring partner to show a little bit more tenacity as he do in real life!






Small but mighty. Anything else? OK, maybe a little bit more. On the quiet, he sometimes is called “WonderStevie”. Sometimes… 😉

A good looking guy with much more qualities than “only” being a well known guitar player. Always, yeah really (almost) always, he feels good and is up for some fun. Come on and admire him live. Watch him, listen to him, oh my goodness, feel him! You will be excited.

Trust us. We know him for a long long time!







Music is definitely one of the most important parts in his life. It was a long journey that “Christal” travelled through the great lands of music. After many years of searching for THAT kind of music that fulfills him, he’s now arriving at his final station: ROCK!

He was the last piece of the puzzle to form a band like this. And you won’t believe how perfectly this piece fits! Lead-singer and to come along on top, he also rocks the bass guitar. And maybe somewhen the drums, but not in the near future … not even in an abandoned age.






OK, Wolfgang, we’re sure, that we said ‘there’s no such thing a band leader or equal’. Anyways …

You care about all the important stuff like our homepage, merchandise, recording and many more. At the same time you are playing the lead guitar and you are a real riff machine.

That’s pretty cool. And in a few years, when you’ll be to old for the stage, you’ll be definitely our Manager.